Systems by Cinema Sound Research

Cinema Sound Research offers linear high performance speaker systems for movie theaters. A broad dynamic scope guarantees distortion-free reproduction even at high volumes, in digital environments such as modern movie theaters, dubbing stages, mixing and post-production studios. A consistently applied point source concept incorporating accurate phase fidelity achieves remarkable precision without tonal coloration.

Special attention has been paid to the influence of modern perforated plastic projection screens on front speakers. All of the systems sound the same and differ only in the levels they can produce. This means you can combine any Cinema Sound Research series to suit you movie theater. Extremely flat amplitude and phase response, highly efficient radiation resistance, and Super Wide Constant-Q horns achieve the optimum sound distribution needed in movie theaters. A wide horizontal nominal dispersion angle guarantees an outstanding stereo image throughout the theater.

There are four Cininema Sound Reserch System builds:

- Challenger Series (Small cinemas)
- Boxer Series (For midsize or larger cinemas)
- Longbow Series (For large or deep cinemas)

Key Features:

Natural Sound:

Picture quality at movie theaters has improved steadily over recent years: from analog to digital, from 2D to 3D, from 2K to 4K, higher frame rates… It is high time that sound caught up with this evolution with some modern, professionally installed sound systems

Perfectly tuned Cine Sound Lab. systems can reproduce a full range of frequencies as well as the considerable range of volumes
involved in movie productions. Quieter signals, such as the film scores, as well as loud sound-effects, are reproduced impressively – and above all naturally.
Many systems sound very different when quiet than they do at high levels, because they do not work linearly. A loudspeaker system is linear if the incoming signal is reproduced all the way up to the maximum level without distortion and without a change of sound. We monitor our systems technically and electronically so effectively that non-linear behavior does not occur. This guarantees a stunning sound experience in your movie theater, even at high volumes.

5 Years Guaranty:

Cine Sound Lab is a German quality product. We entrust the manufacturing of its various components exclusively to our long-standing partners whose production facilities are subject to the strictest quality controls. The art of German engineering is expressed at the highest technical level, fulfilling the Cine Sound Lab. brand’s uncompromising quality standards. This guarantees the longevity and stability of our systems – which is why we gladly offer a five year guarantee. And if something does expectedly happen during that period, our service technicians will be quickly at your side without any fuss.